************ SOUL EXPOSED ************

Soul Exposed is a story of struggle and triumph.
Philadelphia, PA— Stacey Harcum released his debut solo album, Soul Exposed, on July 26, 2013. Stacey Harcum, songwriter, teamed up with Anthony C Bell, producer for Jill Scott, Jazmine Sullivan, etc., to create an incredible Neo-Soul sound, served Philly style.
Many great artist, producers and singers joined Stacey in the studio. James Poyser of "The Roots" co-produced tunes titled Love Never Fails and Truly Free. Monique Harcum, his sister, co-leads the upbeat song Miracles as she introduces her daughter Nayah to the mic. "Stacey Harcum's "Soul Exposed" has been quite a pleasant surprise! I've always been a fan of one of the most multi-talented artists
EVER! For some reason I was expecting an instrumental CD, NOT! Stacey is sangin'!...his heart out with his soul exposed! This is neo-soul, jazzy music with THE MESSAGE, but no sermon. You will be finger snapping, toe tapping and head bopping along to every track!," said Deatrice Isaac, who pre-ordered her Soul Exposed via a crowd funding campaign. She also said, "Stacey Harcum's title track "Soul Exposed" starts out as a prayer/petition, like David's Psalms, asking GOD to search him with his soul exposed. (It also reminds me of Marvin Gaye's, "What's Going On?") It's passionate, soulful and heartfelt. ...and who better to match Stacey's soulfulness and sentiment in lyrics and phrasing than Stacey himself! He echoes back every note as he blows that sax! These lyrics are (spiritually) mature content...& I love it!

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