Somethings in life are "FREE" and yet somethings will "COST" you something. You be the judge as to what you are willing to pay to get information that will be of great benefit to you and yours. I can remember a time when I desired something and could not afford it right away, I would "Lay- It- Away". We call it today "Saving Up For It". Check out this information and Pass It On. In either case what do you have to loose, but weigh what do you stand to gain? ...Again you be the judge.


This is a rough draft instrumental version of my new single that will be featured on my next CD Project soon to be released called "SUNRISE". All Rights Reserved, Use By Permission.Your feedback is always welcomed. God Bless. I AM INSPIRED BY YOU ALL!

Yours in service
David E. Maxwell

Who Is David E. Maxwell?

My name is David E. Maxwell and I am an Independent Christian Musician, Producer and Composer who became interested in music at the early age of five. I play by ear and I’m basically self taught and can play several different instruments. As a young adult I joined several top forty bands that traveled and played on the local circuit. April of 1990 was an important turning point in my life. Returning to my church roots, I began again, to rebuild my foundation and faith in God. As the years went by I was blessed to have been the praise and worship leader for several churches. In 2011, I released my debut CD called, “The Praise Up Project”, and I’m now currently working on releasing my second CD in 2012. Being an Independent Artist has many challenges. This is what prompted me to create “Christian Musician Connection” on facebook. Where I provide a platform for Christian Musicians, Worship Leaders, Gospel Singers, Recording Artist, Music Producer/Promoter, Radio Personalities and Venues to Post and promote their Music, Blogs, Videos and Connect with Other Artists, to exchange valuable music industry information, share ideas and much more. One of my visions is to create a Record Label not only as a business but as a ministry as well. My goal is to help other independent artists reach their goals in the music industry. You will always hear me say, “God’s gift to us is life, and what we do with our life, is our gift back to Him.”
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