Let's Build A Strong Community Together

This is a post From my Facebook Group "Christian Musician Connection"

It has been a while since I've addressed us as a hole, so I'd like to take

this time to welcome all new members to the group who have joined over the
last few weeks. I pray that you find this group page to be unique and
refreshing in that not only you can post your Music, Blogs, Videos,
Advertisements and your Websites etc, etc..., but that we may also inner
act one with another by leaving comments with one another and sharing ideas
and information in the hopes to enhance our community and commitment by
lifting each other up. I believe that this helps build strong and lasting relationships.

Let's face it, the music industry can be very demanding at times and as
Christian Artists, we know that the enemy would like nothing more than to
draw us apart and discourage us and have us fight amongst ourselves. I
truly believe that if we take some time to show more love towards all and help each
other by inner acting, and be encouraging. In turn we will be helping ourselves reach our goals.

We have some wonderful and anointed talent in this group from all walks of
life that I feel honored to be associated of you all. So I want to
personally thank each and everyone of you for your participation in sharing
your gifts and talents as well as your prayers. Again I thank you all!
So with that being said have some fun, share, and most of all be blessed.

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