Take My Hand the Music Video!

Mo Nicole,
I wrote this song at a time when I needed to hear God's voice the most! You know those real alone still moments? Where you are just looking for some sweet comfort? The restlessness before the peace. These moments happen in life y'all. Its all about how we make it through. 
This is the response I quietly heard Him say..My Prayer closet song in the still of the night! When it's Just you and God. Intimacy and truth. This song truly come from my heart at a time when I wanted to hear God's voice the most. This what I heard Him say and I just added a melody and a video. 
This song is the answer to many silent prayers I have. A reassurance of comfort peace and love in a moment filled with worry and confusion, questions for the future. 

I pray that it touches your heart as much as it touches mine!

Published on May 21, 2014 By: Morrissa Nicole
Music Video: Tristan Barrocks and WMF Media 

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